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In Defense of the Right to Life: International Law and Death Penalty in the Philippines

A study by the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines and Dr. Christopher Ward, SC, Australian Bar, Adjunct Professor, Australian National University



Supreme Court of the Philippines

Method of execution*
Gender breakdown**
Sentence breakdown
Jurisprudence count
Method of Execution*
*The undetermined/suspended represent those cases that did not identify the method of execution for those convicted either because it was not stated in the decision, or that the imposition of the death sentence was suspended or changed to a lower penalty.

Gender breakdown**
**Both represent cases where there are more than one accused comprising of males and females.

Supreme Court Decisions
Year Date Title Citation Crime Gender Execution Sentence
200509/14/2005People of the Philippines vs. Edgardo Dimaano G.R. No. 168168RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200508/03/2005People of the Philippines vs. Genaro Cayabyab y Fernandez.G.R. No. 167147RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200403/16/2004People of the Philippines vs. Angelito Martinez, et al. G.R. No. 137519Kidnapping and serious illegal detentionMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200403/10/2004People of the Philippines vs. Paulino Sevilleno y Villanueva  G.R. No. 152954Rape with homicideMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200403/10/2004People of the Philippines vs. Elizabeth Castillo, et al. G.R. No. 132895KidnappingFemaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200302/24/2003People of the Philippines vs. Rogelio Sambrano y Tindero G.R. No. 143708RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200302/05/2003People of the Philippines vs. Jesus Perez y Sebunga G.R. No. 142556RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200302/04/2003People of the Philippines vs. Carlos Lilo G.R. Nos. 140736-39RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200201/23/2002 People of the Philippines vs. Doroteo AbañoG.R. No. 142728RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200201/22/2002 People of the Philippines vs. Salustiano Callos G.R. No. 133478RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200201/15/2002People of the Philippines vs. Ronald a.k.a "Roland" Garcia y Flores, et. al.G.R. No. 133489 & G.R. No. 143970Kidnapping and serious illegal detentionMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200108/15/2001The People of the Philippines vs. Roderick Licayan, et al.G.R. Nos. 140900 and 140911KidnappingMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200105/24/2001People of the Philippines, vs. Castro GerabanG.R. No. 137048RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200105/07/2001People of the Philippines, vs. Roberto Palabrica y Barcuma G.R. No. 129285MurderMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200102/28/2001People of the Philippines, vs. Blesie VelascoG.R. No. 135231-33RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200003/15/2000People of the Philippines vs. Rodolfo ArizapaG.R. No. 131814RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200002/29/2000People of the Philippines vs. Henry Lagarto, et al.G.R. Nos. 118828 & 119371Rape with homicideMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200002/21/2000 People of the Philippines vs. Liberato Mendiona, a.k.a. "Renato."G.R. No. 129056RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
200002/02/2000People of the Philippines vs. Felimon Alipayo y Tejada, et al.G.R. No. 122979Robbery with rapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199909/29/1999People of the Philippines vs. Romeo Gallo y Igloso.G.R. No. 124736RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199906/21/1999 People of the Philippines vs. Pepito C. Tejero, et al.G.R. No. 128892RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199904/14/1999 People of the Philippines vs. Alfredo AlbaG.R. No. 131858RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199903/25/1999People of the Phils. vs. Carlos Bation y AlamagG.R. No. 123160RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199902/01/1999People of the Philippines vs. Larry A. MahinayG.R. No. 122485Rape with homicideMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199810/12/1998People of the Philippines vs. Benedicto B. RamosG.R. No. 118570Kidnapping with murderMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199801/16/1998People of the Philippines vs. Eduardo M. AgbayaniG.R. No. 122770RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199703/03/1997People of the Philippines vs. Pablito H. AndanG.R. No. 116437Rape with homicideMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199606/25/1996People of the Philippines vs. Leo P. EchegarayG.R. No. 117472RapeMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
199510/11/1995The People of the Philippines vs. Lorenzo B. Veneracion, et al.G.R. Nos. 119987-88Rape with homicideMaleLethal InjectionSuspended
198701/08/1987People of the Phil. vs. Wilfredo RojasGR Nos L-46960-62MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198405/25/1984People of the Philippines vs. Felicito Tawat, et al.GR No L-62871Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198403/06/1984People of the Philippines vs. Faustino MartinezGR No 64499Kidnapping and serious illegal detentionMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198201/30/1982People of the Philippines vs. Ponciano Lumague, Jr.GR No L-53586MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198201/30/1982People of the Philippines vs. Juanito MabilanganGR No L-48217Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198101/19/1981People of the Philippines vs. Pablito GidaG.R. No. L-41419MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198101/19/1981People of the Philippines vs. Rodolfo AndayaGR No L-48735MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198011/21/1980The People of the Phils. vs. Gomez SaliganGR No L-39712Rape with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198004/28/1980People of the Philippines vs. Eduardo CatindihanG.R. No. L-32508 & L-42104Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198003/28/1980People of the Philippines vs. Rudillo LebumfacilGR No L-32910MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198003/12/1980People of the Philippines vs. Alfredo CelestinoGR No L-44363MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198002/12/1980People of the Philippines vs. Paciano NierraGR No L-32624MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198001/22/1980People of the Philippines vs. Luisito San PedroG.R. No. L-44274Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
198001/22/1980People of the Philippines vs. Benjamin Rodelas RetaniaG.R. No. L-34841Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197908/06/1979People of the Philippines vs. Darwin Veloso Y MilitanteGR No L-33132MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197907/30/1979People of the Philippines vs. Porfirio Dumdum, Jr.G.R. No. L-35279MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197907/30/1979People of the Philippines vs. Adelando RamosG.R. No. L-34355Kidnapping with murderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197907/20/1979People of the Philippines vs. Jose Repato, et al.G.R. No. L-23431Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197907/13/1979People of the Philippines vs. Gilberto O. Llamoso, et al.G.R. No. L-24866Robbery with homicideMaleFiring SquadExecuted
197906/29/1979People of the Philippines vs. Dalmacio SabenorioG.R. No. L-26704Robbery with homicideMaleFiring SquadExecuted
197810/23/1978People of the Philippines vs. Vedasto MorenoG.R. No. L-37801MurderMaleFiring SquadExecuted
197807/06/1978People of the Philippines vs. Nemesio Talingdan G.R. No. L-32126MurderMaleFiring SquadExecuted
197710/21/1977People of the Philippines vs. Avelino RoncalG.R. No. L-26857Robbery with homicideMaleFiring SquadExecuted
197305/29/1973People of the Philippines vs. Leopoldo Lunar, et al.G.R. No. L-15579MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197105/31/1971People of the Philippines vs. Julio ValeraG.R. No. L-34356Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
197009/28/1970People of the Philippines vs. Orador Pingol Y Santiago et al.G.R. No. L-26931KidnappingMaleExecuted
197009/19/1970People of the Philippines vs. Petronilo Espejo et al.G.R. No. L-27708Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
196911/28/1969People of the Philippines vs. Manuel Marquez et al.G.R. No. L-24373-74Robbery with homicide|RapeMaleExecuted
196910/31/1969People of the Philippines vs. Ruben AblazaG.R. No. L-27352KidnappingMaleExecuted
196910/31/1969People of the PhilippinesS vs. Nicolas Layson et al.G.R. No. L-25177MurderMaleExecuted
196909/25/1969People of the Philippines vs. Marcelino Pagaduan and Feliciano De GraciaG.R. No. L-26948MurderMaleExecuted
196905/08/1969People of the Philippines vs. Ricardo BernalG.R. No. L-25623MurderMaleSuspended
196809/30/1968People of the Philippines vs. Apolonio Apduhan, Jr. alias Junior, et al.G.R. No. L-19491Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196809/29/1968People of the Philippines vs. Amadeo Peralta et al.G.R. No. L-19069MurderMaleExecuted
196809/26/1968People of the Philippines vs. Gorgonio Ubaldo et al.G.R. No. L-19490Robbery in band with double homicide, with frustrated homicide, less serious physical injuries and direct assault upon agents of persons in authority.MaleExecuted
196712/29/1967People of the Philippines vs. Roger Pereto Y Manlapas et al. G.R. No. L-20894MurderMaleExecuted
196709/26/1967People of the Philippines vs. Getulio Verzo et al.G.R. No. L-22517MurderMaleSuspended
196609/30/1966People of the Philippines vs. Severo Coronel, et al.G.R. No. L-19091Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196609/30/1966People of the Philippines vs. Eduardo Berdida Y Inguito, et al.G.R. No. L-20183MurderMaleExecuted
196607/28/1966People of the Philippines vs. Delfin Abrera and Romy UbanaG.R. No. L-20038MurderMaleSuspended
196602/28/1966People of the Philippines vs. Federico Secapuri, et al.G.R. Nos. L-17518-19MurderMaleSuspended
196601/31/1966People of the Philippines vs. Diosdado Devalos, alias Mariano, et alG.R. No. L-18866Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196510/30/1965People of the Philippines vs. Manuel Sta. Maria, et al.G.R. No. L-19929Kidnapping with murderMaleSuspended
196507/30/1965People of the Philippines vs. Edilberto De Los Santos, et al.G.R. Nos. L-19067-68MurderMaleSuspended
196501/30/1965People of the Philippines vs. Fortunato Mendoza, et al.G.R. No. L-16392MurderMaleExecuted
196501/30/1965People of the Philippines vs. Fortunato Mendoza, et al. G.R. No. L-16392MurderMaleExecuted
196412/28/1964People of the Philippines vs. Julio ContanteG.R. No. L-14639MurderMaleSuspended
196408/31/1964People of the Philippines, vs. Romeo Paz alias Commander Romy, et al. G.R. No. L-15052-53Arson|Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196408/14/1964People of the Philippines vs. Aleajndro daydayalias Ando, et al.G.R. Nos. L-20806-07Kidnapping with murderMaleSuspended
196405/29/1964People of the Philippines vs. Roberto Boyles and Pio Montes G.R. No. L-15308Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
196403/31/1964People of the Philippines vs. Nicolas Mojica Y GiraG.R. No. L-17234MurderMaleExecuted
196403/31/1964LUIS ASISTIO, ET AL. vs. Hon Lourdes P San DiegoG.R. No. L-21991KidnappingFemaleSuspended
196310/31/1963People of the Philippines vs. Pascual Curiano, et al.G.R. Nos. L-15256-57MurderMaleSuspended
196310/24/1963People of the Philippines vs Kamlon Hadji, et al.G.R. No. L-12686Rebellion, multiple murder and multiple Injuries and kidnapping with murder and attempted murderMaleExecuted
196309/30/1963People of the Philippines vs. Ambrosio Belan, et al. G.R. No. L-13895MurderMaleExecuted
196304/30/1963People of the Philippines vs. Alejandro Bumatay, et al.G.R. No. L-16620Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196211/29/1962People of the Philippines vs. Vivencio de Roxas, et al.G.R. No. L-16947Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196210/30/1962People of the Philippines petitioner, vs. The Hon. Nicasio Yatco, et al.G.R. No. L-17924RebellionMaleSuspended
196203/30/1962People of the Philippines vs. Juan Ayonayon and Gaspar AceradorG.R. No. L-16664MurderMaleSuspended
196203/30/1962People of the Philippines, vs. Mariano Tenorio alias MaginG.R. No. L-15478MurderMaleSuspended
196202/28/1962People of the Philippines vs. Primitivo Pinca, et al.G.R. No. L-16595Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
196112/30/1961People of the Philippines, vs. Doroteo Bollena, et al.G.R. No. L-13415Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196110/11/1961People of the Philippines, vs. Alfredo Peralta, et al.G.R. No. L-15959MurderMaleExecuted
196108/31/1961People of the Philippines vs. The Hon. Anoel Mojica, et al.TG.R. No. L-18755MurderMaleSuspended
196104/29/1961People of the Philippines, vs. Marcial Ama Y Perez, et al.G.R. No. L-14783MurderMaleSuspended
196103/27/1961People of the Philippines vs. Eutiquio Yamson, et al.G.R. No. L-14188MurderMaleExecuted
196012/29/1960People of the Philippines vs. Yakans Aspalin, et al.G.R. No. L-14623Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196011/29/1960Francisco Evaristo, et al. vs. Hon. Olegario LastrillaG.R. No. L-14682MurderMaleSuspended
196010/31/1960People of the Philippines vs. Blas Abloa, et al. G.R. No. L-13900MurderMaleSuspended
196004/29/1960People of the Philippines vs. Bienvenido Cano, et al.G.R. No. L-12270Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
196004/29/1960People of the Philippines, vs. Romualdo LopezG.R. No. L-14347Rape with murderMaleSuspended
195910/20/1959People of the Philippines vs. Isidoro Valladolid, et al.G.R. No. L-12405Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195904/29/1959People of the Philippines vs. Dominador M. Camerino, et al.G.R. No. L-8228MurderMaleSuspended
195904/27/1959People of the Philippines vs. Cenon Serrano, et al.G.R. No. L-7973MurderMaleSuspended
195904/17/1959People of the Philippines vs. Eugenio OlaesG.R. No. L-11166Attempted robbery with homicide and frustrated homicideMaleSuspended
195901/22/1959People of the Philippines vs. Alejandro Santos and Jose Vicente G.R. No. L-12448MurderMaleSuspended
195809/30/1958People of the Philippines vs. Pedro MasilunganG.R. No. L-9733KidnappingMaleSuspended
195808/30/1958People of the Philippines vs. Pedro T. VillanuevaG.R. No. L-9529TreasonMaleSuspended
195807/11/1958People of the Philippines vs. Gregorio BascaG.R. No. L-11485Robbery with homicide and rapeMaleSuspended
195802/28/1958People of the Philippines vs. Diego Colman, et al.G.R. Nos. L-6652-54MurderMaleElectrocutionExecuted
195710/30/1957People of the Philippines vs. NIcanor Sespene, et al.G.R. No. L-9346MurderMaleSuspended
195701/31/1957People of the Philippines vs. Hilario Mendova, et al.G.R. No. L-7030Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
195609/28/1956People of the Philippines vs. Rafael Arunua, et al.G.R. No. L-5510Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195604/28/1956People of the Philippines vs. Rafael Cabuena, et al.G.R. No. L-6202Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195507/30/1955People of the Philippines vs. Juan VocarJG.R. No. L-9050MurderMaleSuspended
195407/26/1954People of the Philippines vs. Daniael Galapon and Eulalio GalaponG.R. No. L-6657MurderMaleSuspended
195405/26/1954People of the Philippines vs. Felix Ripas, et al.G.R. No. L-6246Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195312/28/1953People of the Philippines vs. Filemon Caggauan, et alG.R. No. L-5385MurderMaleSuspended
195312/15/1953People of the Philippines vs. Moptin Cocoy, et al.G.R. No. L-6019Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195310/19/1953People of the Philippines vs. Pedro T. VillanuevaG.R. No. L-2073Treason with murderMaleSuspended
195305/25/1953People of the Philippines vs. Ventura Lanas, et al.VG.R. No. L-5086MurderMaleSuspended
195302/10/1953People of the Philippines vs. Bulalakao Mamasalaya, et al.G.R. No. L-4911MurderMaleSuspended
195112/18/1951People of the Philippines vs. pacifico Corpes, et al.G.R. No. L-4187Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195107/31/1951People of the Philippines vs. Filomeno Daligdig, et al.G.R. No. L-2432MurderMaleSuspended
195107/24/1951People of the Philippines vs. Cipriano CamayG.R. No. L-3400MurderMaleSuspended
195105/30/1951People of the Philippines vs. Daniel Magnaye G.R. No. L-3510MurderMaleSuspended
195104/20/1951People of the Philippines vs. Honorio MagbanuaG.R. No. L-3269Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195101/09/1951People of the Philippines vs. Ricardo LimacoG.R. No. L-3090MurderMaleSuspended
195012/21/1950People of the Philippines vs. Jose Glore, et al.G.R. No. L-2928Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195004/12/1950People of the Philippines vs. Conrado Evangelista, et al.G.R. No. L-2489Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
195003/04/1950People of the Philippines vs. Pedro Pulido, et al.G.R. No. L-2447Robbery with homicideMaleElectrocutionExecuted
195002/28/1950People of the Philippines vs. Demetrio Mostoles,et al.G.R. No. L-2043Robbery with homicide and attempted rapeMaleElectrocutionExecuted
194905/23/1949People of the Philippines vs. Ignacio CalinawanG.R. No. L-432Treason with murderMaleSuspended
194903/29/1949People of the Philippines vs. Cucufate AdlawanG.R. No. L-456Treason with murder, robbery and rapeMaleSuspended
194903/04/1949People of the Philippines vs. Filemon DelgadoG.R. No. L-1446Treason with murderMaleSuspended
194901/07/1949People of the Philippines vs. Roman ViloG.R. No. L-1656TreasonMaleExecuted
194809/27/1948People of the Philippines vs. Hervasio IrisuilloG.R. No. L-1473TreasonMaleSuspended
194806/08/1948People of the Philippines vs. Amadeo Bernadez, et al.G.R. No. L-572MurderMaleExecuted
194802/27/1948People of the Philippines vs. Abraham LogoG.R. No. L-1317TreasonMaleSuspended
194707/28/1947People of the Philippines vs. Pedro Manayao, et al.G.R. No. L-322Treason with murderMaleExecuted
194703/13/1947People of the Philippines vs. Carmelito VictoriaG.R. No. L-369TreasonMaleSuspended
193910/18/1939Arsenio C. Roldan, et al. vs. Pedro Villaroman, et al. G.R. No. L-46825MurderMaleSuspended
193905/23/1939People of the Philippines vs. Melchor Tagasa G.R. No. L-46177MurderMaleExecuted
193509/27/1935People of the Philippines vs. Benjamin BarrugaG.R. No. L-42744Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
193412/07/1934People of the Philippines vs. SAKAM, et al,G.R. No. L-41566MurderMaleExecuted
193404/27/1934People of the Philippines vs. Silverio Daos, et al.G.R. No. L-40331Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
193404/18/1934People of the Philippines vs. Sebastian E. ImajanG.R. No. L-40774MurderMaleSuspended
193309/27/1933People of the Philippines vs. Antonio YabutG.R. No. 39085MurderMaleSuspended
193208/12/1932People of the Philippines vs. Guendo NishishimaG.R. No. L-35122MurderMaleExecuted
192909/23/1929People of the Philippines vs. Pedro DuranteG.R. No. L-31101MurderMaleExecuted
192903/25/1929People of the Philippines vs. Canuto Asinas, et al.G.R. No. L-29832ParricideMaleSuspended
192902/09/1929People of the Philippines vs. MataramG.R. No. L-29486Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192810/18/1928People of the Philippines vs. Macario Sepa JosepG.R. No. L-28985Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192809/17/1928People of the Philippines vs. Juan Bangug, et al.G.R. No. 28832MurderMaleExecuted
192809/12/1928People of the Philippines vs. Mandangan, et al.G.R. No. 28629Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192709/29/1927People of the Philippines vs. Alejo ResabalG.R. No. 26708MurderMaleSuspended
192709/27/1927People of the Philippines vs. Florentino SorianoG.R. No. 26538MurderMaleExecuted
192703/03/1927People of the Philippines vs. Vicente Bande, et al.G.R. No. L-26335MurderMaleSuspended
192609/18/1926People of the Philippines vs. Mariano Bautista, et al. G.R. No. 25095Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192509/29/1925People of the Philippines vs. Eduardo Abauag, et al.G.R. Nos. 23460 & 23461Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192409/28/1924Andres Fuentes vs. The Director of PrisonsG.R. No. L-22449ParricideMaleExecuted
192409/07/1924People of the Philippines vs. Marcelo HernandezG.R. No. L-21896Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192309/12/1923People of the Philippines vs. Juan Manuel, et al.G.R. No. L-19343Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
192203/04/1922People of the Philippines vs. Graciano Cabrera, et al.G.R. No. 1755MurderMaleExecuted
192202/27/1922People of the Philippines vs. Lol-lo and SarawG.R. No. 17958PiracyMaleHangingExecuted
192108/08/1921People of the PhilippinesS vs. Mariano DucusinG.R. No. L-30724MurderMaleSuspended
192103/22/1921The United States vs. Basilio Reduera and Alejandro AsuateguiG.R. No. L-16639Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
191912/18/1919The United States vs. Alejandro AgateaG.R. No. L-15177ParricideMaleExecuted
191911/06/1919The United States vs. Jose I. BaluyotG.R. No. L-14476MurderMaleSuspended
191909/12/1919The United States vs. Lope ZalsosG.R. Nos. 14468 and 14469MurderMaleSuspended
191909/08/1919The United States vs. Bonifacio BisandreG.R. No. 14643MurderMaleSuspended
191810/04/1918The United States vs. Alabot PaguinaguinaA G.R. No. L-13052Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
191807/15/1918The United States vs. Pedro Lahoylahoy,et al.G.R. No. L-12453Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
191803/12/1918The United States vs. Felino Cunanan, et al.G.R. No. L-13177MurderMaleSuspended
191802/15/1918The United States vs. Pantaleon Abanzado, et al.G.R. No. L-12887MurderMaleExecuted
191801/24/1918The United States vs. SarikalaG.R. No. L-12988MurderMaleSuspended
191712/15/1917The United States vs. Moro JamadG.R. No. L-12678ParricideMaleExecuted
191712/04/1917The United States vs. Francisco BalabaG.R. No. L-12392MurderMaleExecuted
191612/01/1916The United States vs. Amzi B. KellyG.R. No. 12109MurderMaleExecuted
191602/19/1916The United States vs. Agapito Solana ,et al.G.R. No. L-10516MurderMaleExecuted
191602/11/1916The United States vs. Moro Mohamad, et al.G.R. No. L-11081AssassinationMaleExecuted
191503/25/1915The United States vs. Felix LustradaG.R. No. L-9511ParricideMaleExecuted
191409/17/1914The United States vs. Manuel Flores, et al.G.R. No. 9008MurderMaleSuspended
191310/22/1913The United States vs. Fabio Soriano, et al.G.R. No. L-8799MurderMaleExecuted
191310/10/1913The United States vs. Ramon BuncadG.R. No. L-7638MurderMaleSuspended
191308/20/1913The United States vs. Leonardo BulfaG.R. No. L-8468Robbery with homicideMaleHangingExecuted
191302/15/1913The United States vs. Adriana De Los Santos (Acquitted)G.R. No. L-6947MurderFemaleSuspended
191210/09/1912The United States vs. Mike BeechamG.R. Nos. L-5161 and L-5162MurderMaleExecuted
191208/05/1912The United States vs. Nalua and KadayumG.R. No. L-7311Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
191109/14/1911The United States vs. The Moko Japan TuckoG.R. No. 6635MurderMaleHangingSuspended
191108/14/1911The United States vs. Vicente OroG.R. No. L-5781MurderMaleExecuted
191108/07/1911The United States vs. Pedro Tacon, et al.G.R. No. L-5960MurderMaleSuspended
191103/23/1911The United States vs. Tampakan, et al.G.R. No. L-6491Robbery with homicideMaleHangingExecuted
191012/20/1910The United States, vs. Francisco Laguna, et al.G.R. No. L-5533Robbery with homicideMaleExecuted
191012/19/1910The United States vs. Isaac FernandezG.R. No. L-6067MurderMaleSuspended
191008/17/1910The United States vs. Manobo LiwakasNo. L-5867MurderMaleExecuted
191001/15/1910The United States vs. Daniel CarlosG.R. No. L-5476AssassinationMaleExecuted
190911/11/1909The United States vs. Pablo raymundo, et al.G.R. No. L-4947AssassinationMaleExecuted
190909/23/1909The United States, vs. Augustus HicksG.R. No. 4971MurderMaleExecuted
190903/09/1909The United States vs. Eusebio Burias, et al. G.R. No. L-4714Robbery with homicideMaleStrangulationSuspended
190810/09/1908The United States vs. Clemente RoqueG.R. No. L-4527MurderMaleExecuted
190808/15/1908The United States vs. Felipe IdosG.R. No. 4464BrigandageMaleExecuted
190803/09/1908The United States vs. Quintin Tabal, et al. G.R. No. L-4174MurderMaleExecuted
190711/27/1907The United States vs. Afroniano FernandezG.R. No. L-3741BrigandageMaleSuspended
190701/03/1907The United States vs. Victoriano Maguera, et al.G.R. No. 3002BrigandageMaleSuspended
190610/29/1906The United States vs. POlicarpio TalbanosG.R. No. L-3291BrigandageMaleExecuted
190512/28/1905The United States vs. Ignacio SiatongG.R. No. L-2298MurderMaleSuspended
190512/19/1905The United States vs. Bonifacio MoralesG.R. No. L-2423BrigandageMaleSuspended
190512/13/1905The United States vs. Sixto MoloG.R. No. L-2496BrigandageMaleSuspended
190503/13/1905The United States vs. MOdesto Cabaya Cruz, et al.G.R. No. 1611MurderMaleSuspended
190501/25/1905The United States vs. Petronilo Patino, et al.G.R. No. 1737BrigandageMaleExecuted
190404/09/1904The United States vs. Cornelio Devela, et al.G.R. No. 1542Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
190403/28/1904The United States vs. Dalmacio LagnosanG.R. No. 1582TreasonMaleSuspended
190401/27/1904The United States vs. Esteban Bare, et al.G.R. No. 1401BrigandageMaleExecuted
190401/22/1904The United States vs. Petromilo Denoso, et al.G.R. No. 1304MurderMaleSuspended
190312/22/1903The United States vs. Pablo Jamino, et al.G.R. No. L-1247MurderMaleSuspended
190312/05/1903The United States vs. Marcelo AlvarezG.R. No. L-935MurderMaleSuspended
190311/12/1903The United States vs. Li-DaoG.R. No. L-1316AssassinationMaleSuspended
190304/03/1903The United States vs. Timoteo Candelaria, et al.G.R. No. 1024MurderMaleSuspended
190303/09/1903The United States vs. Exequiel Castillo, et al.(Acquitted)G.R. No. 1042Robbery with homicideBothSuspended
190210/15/1902The United States vs. Isidoro Paddit, et al.G.R. No. L-583Robbery with homicideMaleSuspended
190208/27/1902The United States vs. Juan Ramos, et al.G.R. No. 539MurderMaleStrangulationSuspended
190203/14/1902The United States vs NIcolas Ancheta, et al. . G.R. No. 422MurderMaleExecuted